HeartPath Practitioner:

A Practitioner’s Guide

The Healing Journey through the Life Narrative into the Heart of the Divine

What is HeartPath?

A HeartPath Practitioner offers counsel to his or her clients from a heart of compassion, which includes being fully present to the heart of God within the sacred space of the heart connection and a higher consciousness. The practitioner will see through a prism of compassion; in order to help his or her clients connect to their own heartpath, which is guided by the love and spiritual light within.

heartpath-chartThe heart metaphorically is symbolic to a “portal to the soul.” The HeartPath Practitioner simply makes a connection between illness and networks of pathology. The concept of heartpath was developed, formulated, and is grounded in sound brain, cardiovascular, and narrative research. The focus of heartpath interventions speaks to an individual’s healing journey as a whole being; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. True healing takes place in an integrative holistic approach to a multidimensional being which addresses all areas. If any part of the human being, emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual, is not in harmony, it will affect another area of our wellbeing. This process perpetuates a cycle of illness due to underlying issues not being addressed.

The heartpath philosophy speaks to the balance of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical self. It is “a matter of the heart,” and it is here that the true transformation for healing occurs. There is a peace deep within the inner heart that brings health to your body, to your mind and your heart. The physiology of the heart in its own essence reveals to us so much more about the power within to heal.

Research has shown that the heart has memory cells and that it is 5000 times more powerful magnetically than the mind, and 100 times more powerful electrically. The inner sanctuary of heart is the center of the Spirit — True Wisdom — and expresses emotions and feelings — including beliefs — which are generated by thoughts from the mind. These feelings generated from our hearts speak to the Universe through prayer and meditation, and also have the power to affect our minds — which in turn release chemicals into our bodies to address symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

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Drs Bill and Cinthia McFeature

Drs Bill and Cinthia McFeature

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